Sustainably Managed Forestry
Pedasi, Los Santos Panama
Reforestation + Forest Management / Plant Sales / Lumber Sales
Our Crew - June 2008 - 1st day of planting
Main Team 2009

About Us:

In 2007, Main International S.A. purchased and currently holds Title for approximately 175 hectars of land on the Pacific Coast of the Azuero Penninsula near Pedasi, Los Santos  Panama.  Previously, Owners of this property cut existing forest to use the property for cattle, and ultimately planted over 60 hectars of Teak.   

Main International’s established goal is to reforest its entire property with native tree species and remove all Teak which is not native to the area.  Reconstituting forest corridors, and bringing wildlife back to the immediate area.   

Main International is committed to:
• helping our staff obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools to better manage their natural resources and benefit from the preservation, and reconstruction of local forests.
• training locals how to: grow, plant, and maintain native tree species.
• creating jobs through reforestation – a different kind of development for the Azuero.
• imparting a sense of value toward the natural environment
• being a good neighbor and sponsoring the local community.

Main International is a registered reforestation company with ANAM, and fully adheres to all rules and regulations having jurisdiction over the site.     



Our Team:
Emilio Mariscal, Forestry Engineer -
Horacio Peralta -
Ivan Morales, Owner Representative -
Kristin Montgomery-Morales, LEEP AP, Owner Representative -

For more info regarding Sustainable Forestry and the FSC please refer to the FSC Standard documents.


Our plan:

for more information - please contact the Group Management Representative, Kristin Morales.

For a copy of our Forest Management Plan - and 2011 Addenda - you can download it here.

To see what our plans are for 2011- check out a map of our FSC Certified Forest here.

For information relative to joining the Main International FSC Group Certification please contact, Kristin Morales


Our Nursery:

for more information - please contact Horacio Peralta

here's our on-site Nursery:

Main Team 2009


our on-site Germinating Houses:

Main Team 2009


coming soon our Organic Garden:

Main Team 2009




Main Team 2009

Main Team 2009